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Massage Therapy: It's Not Just for Relaxation!

relaxing massageWhen you hear the words “massage therapy,” you may automatically picture a dimly lit room inside a spa with essential oils diffusing and soft music playing. While relaxation is certainly one of the reasons people seek massage therapy, this form of bodywork is associated with many other benefits. Let’s take a look at some!

Offering Potential Mental Health Benefits

A therapist’s touch can do much more than promote relaxation; it helps the body release tension and improve overall function. This is particularly important for people experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety.

“In the last couple of years, I’ve noticed, in my practice, that a lot of people are suffering from some pretty intense mental health issues. They find that coming for a massage is not just relaxing for the body; it’s relaxing to the mind. So it’s like a healing process for many people,” said RMT Melanie Snyder.

Enhancing Physical Health

Massage therapy also has many physical benefits. It can increase blood circulation, alleviate pain, and improve mobility. For instance, addressing tight muscles or deep-seated scar tissues through massage can relieve pain and restore range of motion. These benefits are crucial for individuals of all ages, particularly those experiencing the physical demands of aging or intense physical labor.

Many people also find that their sleep improves after a massage. “If you’re going to bed in pain, that throws off your sleep patterns, and you don’t enter that REM cycle that you need. So a lot of times when I’m training somebody who’s solely coming in to relax, I focus a lot on the scalp and the neck just to pull away that tension, which helps the body to relax,” said Melanie.

Tailored Treatments for Specific Needs

Our highly skilled and professional RMTs assess and tailor treatments to address individual needs, whether it’s a deep tissue massage or a more gentle approach. This assessment ensures that each session is effective, targeting specific issues like muscle tension or injuries.

“When you’re here, we want you to experience quality care and get whatever it is out of your session that you want, whether that’s a decrease in pain or an increase in range of motion,” said Melanie.

Schedule a Session Today

If you want to give your physical and mental well-being a boost, consider making massage therapy a part of your routine. Contact motus HEALTH today to book a session with one of our experienced RMTs. Don’t just pamper your body—nurture it!

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